Getting Down, Up North - State rider Jenny Q tackles the Jackalope Crit in Montreal, Canada

Hello, wonderful friends of State! Welcome to another blog post by Jenny. This time about racing by myself in a foreign country? Okay, not that foreign, just our neighbors to the north.

Canadian Grafitti is so....Canadian.

I got to travel to Montreal, Canada to be a part of a super rad sports festival called Jackalope Fest and race in the iBike Crit. This festival is held at the Olympic Stadium, has a vert demo ramp (with Bob Burnquist showing off), base jumping, bouldering, fixie crit, and lots and lots of skateboarding.

The bouldering wall that was changed for each competition.

This wasn't exactly a team trip... honestly, Josh told me about it and his family took me in for the week but he couldn't even make it. I had never been to Canada before and it was just such a great time I still had to tell y'all about it.

Credit: Olivier Racine (insta: @kalamataolive)

The first thing I did when I got into town was a long ride up the waterfront... because we don't have that in Arizona so I took all of the insta stories of water. I rode into downtown area grabbed a coffee, checked out the Jackalope Festival, and started to google maps my trek home. I then headed back downtown to see the iBike shop and grab dinner (and just missed an impromptu local softball game).

Saturday was the day of the fixie race- and hanging out at Jackalope from the time the gates opened at noon until 9 pm was easy to do. Qualifiers were at 2 pm and as time was getting closer, we were realizing more women weren't signing up... and the women's field was too small to have our own races. SOOOOO fast forward to the women qualifying with the men's field- it was tough. The heats both had an extremely strong breakaway of iBike riders, and my personal goal was to last as long as I possibly could before the iBike train came around and lapped me out. 

Videotron phone charging BMX bikes in the Expo at Jackalope- Evelyn and I staying warm between Qualifiers and Finals

Credit: Arianne Bergeron (insta: @arianeprendesfotos)

Without a women's final, we had around 3 hours between qualifiers and finals where I explored the "athlete zone" which I wish was more common at every event! Free Redbull, Subway sandwiches, waters, athletic trainers ready to stretch you out and get you ready for your next event AND a prime view of the entire festival. To leave the tent for finals was heartbreaking.​

Credit: Arianne Bergeron (insta: @arianeprendesfotos)

In finals, my goal was to not get caught up in the dude's crashes (because they really liked to hit the ground in the qualifiers, but the women stayed upright), and maybe beat some of the dudes while I'm at it. I could learn some U-turn technique from Evelyn but all-in-all we all had such a great time out there racing!

Credit: Olivier Racine (insta: @kalamataolive)

The rest of my time in Montreal was just as rad- I got to go to Pride Festival where Justin Trudeau and all the other political candidates were just walking down the street saying hi to everyone and it was just one huuuuge party! My last day in town I trekked downtown one last time for some Poutine.

Credit: Olivier Racine (insta: @kalamataolive)

I'd like to thank iBike for making me feel so welcome and providing such a great event! Thank you to my Canadian friends for hanging out with me and never letting me get lost and always giving me something new to do and see! Thank you to Josh’s family for giving me a roof over my head and food.

Credit: Olivier Racine (insta: @kalamataolive)

AND OF COURSE THANK YOU to State Bicycle Co., Bell Bicycle Helmets, Endura Clothing, Vittoria Tires, Fizik, Easton, Floyd's of Leadville, and Hand Up Gloves. If you love the State Bicycle Co. Team, support these companies!