2019 Coveted Chrome Crit with Team Rider Jenny Quijada

2019 Coveted Chrome Crit by Team Rider Jenny Quijada
Arriving in Chicago- where locals didn't even know there was a bike race going on for the past week because it's a place where there are 4+ festivals every weekend. While the locals didn't know, the cycling world knew. Intelligentsia Cup was something that me (Jenny Q) & my teammates have looked forward to all year, and having the Coveted Chrome Crit on the final day sealed the deal.
Sam and I arrived days earlier and got the chance to race in the geared crits- all technical enough to clip some pedals and fast enough to make everything hurt. There was a hill in each of the crit courses, Friday's hill was on the backside of the course just after a chicane and Saturday's was leading into the finish line with a super great headwind to make sure that when you lost the wheel in front of you, you're really gone. 
These races were fun and we thank Intelligentsia Cup for creating such challenging and exciting courses, but we're here to talk about the Chrome Coveted Crit on Sunday. First of all, THANK YOU TO CHROME for stepping up to host the event. The fixie weekend started with a packet pickup party on Saturday night at the Chrome Industries store- where Gold Sprints & beer were both served in unison. 
Let's not forget that the Chrome store was located just inside of a huge street festival where we got to eat and dance with the locals (and Cal Bike Squad). 
The day starts with 10 fixed riders taking over an entire sidewalk to swap gears, wheels, build a bike, etc. The geared riders decided to just avoid walking through the area completely while one rider from Pratt/Phil swaps chainrings next to a State rider (me) swapping wheelsets, next to Cal Bike Squad building a bike. One set of tools to go around, but many helping hands.
Lining up, the State ladies knew that Sam had been crushing the geared races this week and had all of the stoke in the world for what could happen out there in the next 30 minutes. Sam sat in the main pack the whole time, like the badass she is. Emi & I were chasing after both sending moves early, and real teamwork comes when only one of you has a water bottle in 99-degree heat in Chicago. Everyone worked together at some point of the race and Sam landed on her first podium of the year in 4th place with Jenny in 12th place and Emi in 14th place. 
Next up, Cameron on the line. The men's race split quickly- with a breakaway in the first 10 minutes and Cameron driving the chase pack, where another breakaway went. With two breakaways sticking until the finish, Cameron continued to drive the chases and landed in 12th place for the men's race. 
The race is over but the weekend was NOT- because Let's Roast Cycles helped all of the riders ship their bikes out while feeding everyone next to a truck bed pool. What a great weekend of riding bikes fast and working hard. 
THANK YOU to everyone who made Chrome Coveted Crit possible, and THANK YOU to all of the sponsors who make it possible for us to be there- State Bicycle Co., Endura, Floyd's of Leadville, Handup Gloves, Bell Bicycle Helmets, Splats Sunscreen, Vittoria Tires, Easton, and Fizik.