Remembering Jason Clary 🖤

Remembering Jason Clary

It's been about a week since we lost former team rider Jason Clary. While we're still coming to terms with this loss, the outpour of fond memories and love for Jason has been a marvel to see in the fixed-gear community. We too, wanted to share our memories of Jason in hopes that it could bring joy to those who miss him, and so that his passion could live on.

We first met Jason in Puerto Rico in 2012 during the Fijate Fixed Gear festival. 

Jason taking the podium after a Red Bull Ride-N-Style win.

Jason's first crit with the State Bicycle Team - the 2013 Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center crit in LA.

Puerto Rico in 2014 for Fijate II

Jason and teammate Hern tackle the Ride N Style 2014 course.

A few days after Ride N Style - the team stuck around to watch the Amgen Tour of California on Mt. Diablo. We pre-rode up the Queen Stage of the race on fixed-gear bikes, hung out at the top, and watched the pros finished. There were hundreds of other riders out there suffering to get up the mountain, none on fixed gear bikes. Jason was the happiest we had seen him that day. He was laughing, doing wheelies up and down the mountain (with no brakes), proud and excited to be with his friends. That was a day we'll always remember.


Jason's talent and passion will always be remembered. He was one-of-a-kind and lived life full-gas. We're lucky to have known him and worked with him, on our common love,  bikes. 

Ride in Peace 🖤