See 👀 What's New on the Latest Core and 4130 Fixed Gear / Single Speed Models 🚲💨

We wanted to fill you in on a few changes to our new Core-Line and 4130 Fixed Gear / Single Speed bikes that we think you'd be interested in seeing.

First the Core-Line.

The first improvement on the new Core-Line bikes are the sealed-bearing hubs. These are now smoother, more durable, and last longer than unsealed hubs.

You'll also notice the Core-Line now feature strong die-cast drop outs with internal chain tensioners for easier tensioning and improved aesthetics.

More choices! The new Core-Line comes with Riser Bars w/ Vans Grips, but now riders can customize their bike by upgrading to Bullhorn Bars or Drop Bars.  The new changes can be found on or legacy models The Wulf, Ghoul and Pigeon as well as our 2 newest releases the Delphin and Rigby.

Check out all the Core-Line bikes HERE.

What's new with the 4130 Fixed Gear / Single Speeds?

The 4130 still offers many advantages over the Core-Line, for those riders willing to pay a little bit extra in order to get a lot in exchange; significant weight savings of a double-butted frame tubing, complimentary bar swaps, and wheel choices between Lo-Pro and Deep-V just to name a few. So what's new?

Riders will notice the new headtube graphics and down tube graphics that accentuate each frame.

The 4130 Riser Bar option will now come stock with Vans Grips at no-additional cost.

We've modified the diecast dropouts to now accommodate a rear rack.

For those riding with front and rear brakes, we've added internal cable routing to the double-butted 4130 frames for the rear brake. This notably improves the overall aesthetic for riders running a rear brake. 

Look for these changes on our 5 newest models: The Matte Black (coming soon), Van Damme (coming soon), Army Green, Perplexing Purple and Sokol here.