Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, with Pros – Ep. 14: Oatman w/ Leo Rodgers


It can't be a matter of sheer coincidence that the chosen route for Episode 14 along Route 66 and into Oatman, AZ would be graced with a magnificent species with exactly the characteristics that make our host, Leo Rodgers, so uniquely heroic. He's a supereminent example of resilience and tenacity; some would say flat-out stubbornness, but the resolute kind that gets shit done.

Peppered along the road, donkeys dominate the entire town of Oatman, and somehow I was paralleling our guest/pro-hero Leo Rodgers to the prolific qualities of a donkey. Please let me explain...

Donkeys have a highly developed sense of self preservation. Somewhat of an unsung hero, also known in the Southwest as a burro, donkeys are an understated symbol of determination and strong will. They're dedicated, and seem to not tire easily. Donkeys are intelligently curious and not easily startled. Judged for stubbornness, it's difficult to force or frighten a donkey into doing something it sees as contrary to its own best interest or safety. They're an all-terrain animal, and the original beast of burden. The burrito, Spanish for "little donkey," arguably our favorite "native" fare here in Arizona, got its name from its tendency to encase abundant amounts of savory filling into a flour tortilla, similar to the way a donkey can transport massive amounts of cargo.

Ok, full circle here, Leo Rodgers embodies the resilience, tenacity, and downright cold chiller vibe of the donkey, our new favorite Route 66 road trip companion. Fortified with an indomitable spirit, he's an inspiration of perseverance through adversity and empowerment to optimize. Safe to say, he's possibly our most favorite person to ever touch a bike. And I'm still not sure why, but there will be donkeys, like a burrito load of 'em, scroll down for more….

In Episode 14, we endure the high noon sun along Route 66 to Oatman, Arizona. Florida Man, Leo Rodgers blows our minds up and down the Black Mountains of Mohave County not once but two times in a conversation full of "don't tell me 'no'"; an incredibly unconventional use of the bicycle; an incredible, conventional use of the lasso; 650b fixed gear; and leftover steak. 


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