The Simpsons x State Bicycle Co. - A Closer Look

You might have heard the some of the buzz surrounding The Simpsons x State Bicycle Co. collab. Let's take a look at some of our FAVORITE product releases and see what people have to say! 

State Bicycle Co. initially reached out to the folks at Fox in April 2014. With a show like The Simpsons it was hard to know where to start design wise. After discussion we landed on 4 distinct collections, "Springfield Characters" , "Color Block", "Skull & Cross Bike", and of course a cyclist favorite....."Donuts".

"Springfield Characters"

We did some research and found that over the 20+ year history of The Simpsons there have been about 153 Springfield "regulars" and 250 1-time characters. We tried to pack as many of those fan-favorites into the frame as possible.  From afar - the bike looks simple, the distinctive - Simpsons Yellow with black components. However, the bike comes to life when we take a closer look....

 Can you spot your favorite Springfield resident?

"Color Block"

It is rare to find anything that has permeated pop-culture the same way The Simpsons has. This point can be underscored with our "Color Block" collection. Simply the placement of particular colors is enough to bring to life the images of Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson. Most will get it, some will not, but we love the Mondrian-esque vibes here.


"Skull & Cross Bart"

To many of those who grew up watching early episodes of The Simpsons, Bart Simpsons, is the original badass. As the author Chris Turner put it, "Like any good punk rocker, Bart had the nihilism thing down from the very beginning. Though not so much pissed off as extremely undisciplined, the Bart Simpson of the Ullman shorts is either fighting with his sister, inciting his father into murderous levels of rage, executing dangerous stunts that end in cartoonish levels of disaster, or simply spitting snarky one-liners at whatever authority figures cross his path."

The green frame with red accents pays homage to Bart's skate board.

"Eat My Shorts"

"Donut Collection"


Homer Simpson's favorite food just-so-happens to be the favorite of MOST cyclists, that food we're talking about, of course --- mmmmmmmmm.... DONUTS (drool). 

We came hard with several The Simpsons Donut-Themed items that will have your friends drooling.


We've been really honored and humbled at the amazing response to the collection. Here's what people are saying: