First Look: The New $299 Core-Line Fixies

We're excited to announce the latest addition to the State Bicycle family, the $299 core-line! For those of you who have been wanting a bike but didn't want to invest $450+, now you have a great alternative.  Under $300...

Since 2009, State Bicycle Co. has provided riders with visually appealing bikes with value that can't be found anywhere else. We started with the 4130 Steel (Fixed Gear / Single-Speed) line and continued to build upon the quality throughout the years until we had what we believe to be the best bike one can find for under $500. 
The game has changed. We are proud to offer a State Bicycle at a price of $299. We’ve heard from our customers that buying their first bike has it's own set of challenges with cost being the main concern. The Core-Line bikes deliver a solid build with endless value and will enable the first time buyers to throw a leg over a State Bicycle. We feel that The Core-Line is a stepping stone into the brand, for the low investment, the rider gets a solid build that will last and a clean finish that will turn heads.
The NEW Core-Line is designed to meet the basic needs of getting around town, to-and-from class, and the casual weekend ride.  
    Each model features a durable steel frame built with quality components, a flip-flop hub to easily switch between riding fixed or freewheel, and Vans grips for an added touch of style! The Core-Line is available in 3 color options: Wulf Black, Beorn Blue, and Wyldcat Red. Plus, all bikes come with a 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty and free shipping in the USA!
    Check out the video below to compare the Core-Line and our best-selling 4130 Steel (Fixed Gear/ Single-Speed) bikes!