#exploreyourstate - Winer, Diner, Overnighter at Hawes

by Bryan "B-Hard" Harding

I may not always have the schedule to accommodate him, but I've never not been hyped by any plans Steezeman's thrown my way.

In the middle of the week he sent a simple text reading "S24 this weekend?" and after quickly checking and making sure I had nothing planned, my reply was "In".  His description of the route was about 2 hours each way with some hike-a-bike and some singletrack to descend coming back. 
Truth be told, it could've been 80% hike-ur-bike and 20 washboard; I was just amped to spend a simple night under the stars. Lately I've been feeling cooped up while at the same time it was like planning any camping trip felt like a chore #firstworldproblems . The simplicity of meeting up at his place and just pedaling away was a refreshing way of "getting out there.
Due to obvious "Not a legit camp spot" reasons, I can't get into the specifics of our hobo-camp but I can tell you the following:
  • We definitely weren't able to set up camp before night like we had planned and that was perfectly okay.
  • While setting up camp I found a small, putrid smelling puddle only to find a couple of javelina's walking down the hill from us. Welcome to the desert

  • Dead cactus makes for super effective tinder but you're gambling a 50/50 chance catching needles in your hands.

  • Always leave enough whiskey for your morning coffee.
  • In an emergency situation, coozies make for very effective toilet paper.

  • Revelate Design saddle bags and Rogue Panda handlebar bags can ABSOLUTELY handle hucking down singletrack on a loaded fat bike. 
Riding a bike can be serious business. Riding a bike can also be not-at-all-serious business. Have fun and leave the bullshit behind you.