Fox 10 News | Valley bike company helps victims of theft get back on the street

A group of Arizona State University students are trying to turn their love of cycling into a booming business. Now they're giving back to the ASU community, offering help to students and cyclists whose bikes have been stolen.

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Michael Longo
Michael Longo

October 21, 2022


My bike was stolen two days ago in Winter Park, FL. It is a Matt Black Trek FX 7.3, 17.5 with white lettering. This is my only means for transportation as i ride 20 miles a day to and from work. With that being said, this is my last day of work. I don’t have money for a replacement and was inquiring if anyone could donate one. I have a police report to prove it and people to testify that this is how I commute. Thank you for your time.


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