Race Recap : Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Crit 2015 (Photos & Video)

August 15th, 2015:

The Wolfpack Hustle held their 3rd annual Civic Center Crit.  This was the second event in the 2015 Unified Title Series (read about the first event here). This year brought us 100+ degree temperatures which added to the already difficult race with 2 hairpin turns.

The day started off really really really well. Lindsey was the top qualifier in the Women's Road division. Myles, Andrew, Craig, and Michael became the top 4 qualifiers in the Men's Road Division, and we have 4 of the top 6 riders in the Men's Track Qualifiers (see the guys sprinting during their hot lap below).

The first race of the day was Women's Road. Kim Lucie instantly went to the front but crashed on lap 1 of the race. She was able to get up and bridge to the lead group and even won a prime lap, but not without a few bumps and bruises (see below).

Our women finished up with a respectable 6th (Kim), 7th (Lindsey), and 9th (Reiley) in the Road Crit.

Next up the Men's Road Crit....Myles understands the importance of capturing the moment. Unfortunately he went down in the race and DNF.

Michael jumped ahead of the field early and grabbed $100 and bonus points in the series by getting the Lap 1 Prime!

Andrew was able to make the 3-man break with two professional riders. The break stuck and Andrew took our only podium of the event with 3rd. The rest of the team ended up 5th (Michael Dziedzic) and 9th (Craig Streit) scoring valuable points towards our series standings.

The Women's Track event was the third event of the evening. 

3 of our riders finished in the points with Erica Schwanke finishing 13th, Kim Lucie 14th and Lindsey Ryder ending in 19th.

The men took the course for the Track Crit in the last event of the evening. Here are some GAME FACES....

Murder's row on the front line.

Here is where things got nasty.....


State Bicycle Co. rider Josh Tyrrell got clipped, which sent him into Addison Zawada and what felt like half of the field ran Addison over. Addison would return to the race but pull himself due to injury mid-race.

The spill did some damage to Josh's saddle and he scrambled to fix it and spectators yelled obscenities. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank rider, Christopher Rabadi, for his sportsmanship in aiding Josh. They were able to secure it to the bike but it didn't hold and Josh eventually had to pull out of the race as well.


The technical course proved to be too much for many of the riders. Here, State Bicycle Co. rider Craig Streit narrowly avoids a crash on one of the hairpins.

Scott and Michael stayed aggressive throughout the race initiating breakaways and staying the front of the field. The guys ended up finishing 11th and 18th and earning points towards our Overall Team Standing. 

Michael Dziedzic now sits #2 in the Overall Indiviual Standing through 2 races while the team is also in 2nd place through two races.

Kim received podium recognition for her prime. It was her first race with Team State Bicycle Co. and we're stoked to see what the future brings!

Andrew shakes hands with former National Champion, pro-rider Rahsaan Bahati, on the podium.

Cheers! You've earned it!

Thanks to the photographers: Charlie Sears of the Awarewolfs, Julio Boostamante, Austen Czapla , Rob Rovira and Blanca Villareal (#thecoolassbaby) for the great images.

Thanks to the video folks: Jonathan Enriquez of GLK Cycling, Ulises Campos.