Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, with Pros – Episode 11: Jerome


Both hailing from Austin, TX, State Bicycle's own Sam Wipff and Squid Bikes cyclocross pro, Sammi Runnels reunite in Jerome, AZ for a deep dive into adverse childhoods, bicycle sandwich delivery roots, professional DM sliding, and possibly the most unconventional way to secure an art school scholarship. They just might boldly convince you that Austin is the best city in this great country for women's cycling. We're not arguing.

Our travels collide in Jerome for Episode 11 of your favorite fixed-gear talk show, where Sam staunchly demands a pilgrimage involving three unexpectedly intertwined love affairs of hers: climbing, wine theft, and the progressive rock band, Tool. We don't dare argue. Frontman, Maynard James Keenan grows some fiercely temperamental grapes in the high elevation of central Arizona, and spoiler alert – let us repeat, Sam is now a classified wine thief. Well, never incriminated before, and not this time either; she gets away with it. Does she like drinking wine or stealing it more? This is her first rodeo. Saddle up, partner – this one gets provocative. Yeehaw!

Welcome to Jerome.