State Bicycle Team Camp 2020

2/22/2020 - The State Bicycle Team rolled into our headquarters in Tempe, AZ to participate in our annual Phoenix to Tucson ride. Unfortunately, the weather had another plan. With flash floods the Phoenix to Tucson event got rained out. That didn't stop the team from getting some training in-town on Saturday, an epic 105+ mile ride on Sunday (fixed) followed by a legendary pizza-challenge.



Day 1 Ride:

Day 2 Ride:

Team at Regroup Roasters for interviews and team media.

Scott is a natural.

Our bikes are so prettay 👀 🌈 (thnx Easton)

Rain or shine.....SMILES 😁

Wet weather ⛈, no problem (thanks Endura for the killer jackets) ☔️

⚡️POWER CLIMB⚡️ - its easy to see why Scott is the Fixed-Gear Hill Climb World Champion - he also got this KOM on the ride (its a good one).

💸 Ka$h for KOMs 👑

Day 2 - 100+ Miles

The pain-train 🚂 powering up "9-Mile Hill" in Rio Verde, Arizona.

"9-Mile Hill"  aftermath. Andrew needs some Hello Blue CBD Chug.

The only appropriate thing to do after a 100+ mile ride on fixed-gear bikes... P-I-Z-Z-A Challenges at Venezia's 🍕.

Pizza Sweats 🍕 😰 Nic and Josh had to finish the party pizza within 1-hour in order to be imortalized with a picture on the wall of Venezia's Tempe, and also get free shirts.... problem for the 🇨🇦 Canadian big-men who polished off the pizza in a sub-20minute time frame. Solidifying a solid top-10 of all-time rank.

Until next time....#exploreyourstate!

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