State Bicycle Co. Guides: Help Me Choose - 4130 All-Road vs 6061 All-Road?

When it comes to hitting the open gravel road, State Bicycle Co. has you covered with our 2 top-selling gravel bike offerings: the 4130 All-Road and the 6061 All-Road. Whether you're a new rider seeking adventure or an experienced gravel enthusiast doing the most challenging races, these bikes are designed to tackle a variety of terrains and offer distinct features to cater to different preferences. Let's dive into the pros and cons of each bike, outlining their similarities and differences to help you make the best decision on which of our All-Road models is best for you.

4130 All-Road Bike in Copper Brown
(shown above - 4130 All-Road in Copper Brown w/ 650b wheels)
4130 All-Road: Our Most-Versatile Steel Platform


  • Durability and Comfort: Crafted from rugged 4130 chromoly steel, this bike offers exceptional durability, while absorbing vibrations for a smoother ride on rough roads. The frame's natural flex adds comfort during long rides.
  • Classic Aesthetics: The 4130 All-Road's timeless steel frame exudes a classic, vintage vibe, making it stand out in a crowd. If aesthetics matter to you, this bike won't disappoint.
  • Affordability: Starting at $899 for a complete, compared to other materials like carbon fiber, chromoly steel offers a more budget-friendly option without compromising on performance.
  • Comfort-minded Geometry: the geometry of the 4130 All-Road is suited for long days in the saddle which make this the favorite of bike-packers and cross-country bike tourists. The more "relaxed" position also make this bike ideal for newer riders who may not be comfortable on a more race-inspired geometry.
  • 2 Different Bar Choices: the 4130 All-Road comes in the traditional gravel-drop bar configuration OR a flat-bar variant which hearkens back to a 90's era mountain bike vibe with current-day performance and features

(Shown above the 4130 All-Road with Flat-Bars in "Rust-Fade" w/ 650b wheels)


  • Weight: While the 4130 All-Road's durability is a plus, the steel frame does make the bike slightly heavier compared to other materials like aluminum.
  • Less Agile / More Stable: The extra weight can make the bike feel slightly less responsive in terms of quick acceleration and maneuverability. Think of this bike as more of a cruise ship than a speed-boat.


6061 All-Road in Matte Olive

(shown above the 6061 All-Road in Matte Olive w/ 650b wheels)

6061 All-Road: Affordable Race-Ready Performance Out-of-the-Box


  • Lightweight Agility: Constructed from 6061 aluminum, this bike offers a lightweight advantage over the 4130 All-Road. It's ideal for riders who value quick acceleration and agility.
  • Stiffness for Speed: The aluminum frame provides enhanced stiffness, translating to efficient power transfer when you're pushing the pedals hard for maximum speed.
  • Modern Aesthetic: The sleek lines and modern design of the 6061 All-Road give it a contemporary look that appeals to riders seeking a cutting-edge appearance.
  • Upgraded Stock Components: The 6061 All-Road comes standard with a Carbon Fiber Fork and State Bicycle Co. Hydro-Mechanical Calipers (Cable Actuated Hydraulic) for enhanced braking performance. These options are add-ons on the 4130 All-Road.
  • Race-Minded Geometry: The geometry on the 6061 All-Road was designed so that the bike could keep-up under top race conditions. Riders coming from a road-bike will adapt quickly to this geometry and not sense a major aerodynamic penalty compared to a road bike.


  • Vibration Transmission: While the aluminum frame is stiff, it can also transmit more road vibrations, potentially leading to a slightly less comfortable ride on rough terrains. While the bike is fast on pavement and light gravel, if you plan to ride on more rocky terrain the 4130 may be a better choice.
  • Higher Price Point: The lightweight advantages of aluminum come at a cost, making the 6061 All-Road generally more expensive than its 4130 counterpart.

 6061 All-Road riding on Gravel

What do both of these have in common?

  • Versatility: Both the 4130 and 6061 All-Road models are designed with versatility in mind, allowing you to explore a wide range of terrains, from gravel paths to rugged trails. The slight edge goes to the 4130 as we offer multiple bar options and fork options on this model.
  • Wide Tire Clearance: Both models feature ample tire clearance, allowing you to choose wider tires for better stability on challenging surfaces. Our max recommendations are as follows: 53c or 2.1" x 650b & 45c x 700c  (sizes of up to 2.3"x650b have been fitted by riders, however, fitment varies on wheels used, brand of tires, and other factors)
  • Your Choice of in Tubeless Capable Wheelsets: riders can select 700c with a smoother tread pattern tire or go for a more rugged 650b option on either bike. Best of all you can make either one "2-bikes-in-1" by selecting “both” as your wheel set choice and we’ll send you a 2nd pair of wheels, tires, tubes, rotors, and cassettes for easy back-and-forth switching between 700c / 650b.
  • Award Winning + Affordability: Both the 4130 and 6061 All-Road have made "Best Of" lists countless times. At $899 and $1399 respectively both are some of the most affordable bikes in their classes as well. These are "entry-level" priced bikes that are worth keeping and upgrading over time.

Final Thoughts:
In the end, the choice between the 4130 All-Road and the 6061 All-Road boils down to your personal preferences and riding style. If you prioritize durability, comfort, and classic aesthetics, the 4130 All-Road is your companion. On the other hand, if you're all about lightweight speed and modern design, the 6061 All-Road is your ticket to excitement. Whichever you choose, State Bicycle Co. has your back on your gravel adventure. Saddle up and hit the road less traveled!

  • Pro-tip: Still can't decide - hit us up at to chat with a member of our Rider Care Team. We'll make sure you're matched up with a bike that's right for you!