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No Limit Soldier

As tough as it looks: Matte Army-Green Frame with Anodized Metallic Red Hubs
Customize your build
Advanced geometry, next-level design, and the flexibility to customize your bike from top to bottom have made our core line the most enduring choice for riders of all levels & styles. The quality is in the materials we select and components we trust: 

  • Frame:  4130 grade Chromoly steel
  • Wheelset:  43mm deep-v style wheels
  • Flip-Flop Hub:  Easily ride fixed gear or single speed
  • Handlebars:  4 styles: Bullhorn, Drop, Riser, Pursuit
  • Size:  6 frames to fit any height from 4'10 to 6'6 (55cm pictured)
  • Weight:  22 lbs. (Size 55)
  • Brakes:  Includes front & rear brakes
  • Pedals:  Includes alloy Wellgo pedals
  • Saddle:  Includes synthetic leather saddle w/ steel rails

    RETURNS & Exchanges: State Bicycle Co. proudly offers FREE RETURNS for EXCHANGES - please see details of our Return Policy here.

    SHIPPING:  Most in-stock items ship within 1 business day! Tracking information is provided upon shipment. Learn more about our Shipping Policy

    ASSEMBLY:  Ships 90% assembled. We strongly encourage having your bike professionally assembled.

    WARRANTY:  Warranty activated when you submit proof of professional assembly. 

    • 5-year Warranty on all bicycle frames
    • 1-year Warranty non-consumable parts
    • 2-year Warranty on Essor USA products

    Learn more about our Warranty Policy.

    Size Charts and Specs:  Detailed Size Charts and Specs can be found here:  Size Charts & Specs.

    SUPPORT:  We pride ourselves on having a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Contact us and we'd be happy to help you out in any way we can.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    first time biker, glad i went with State Co

    Recently moved to Chicago and my roommate owns a State Bike. I own a car as well but he convinced me to get a bike to travel to work and back because not only would I be saving money, but also getting ripped in the process. I was going to buy a cheaper model from another brand but he highly recommended me this brand and after riding a few times on his bike, i realized that State was the way to go. I'm super happy with my Brigadier! Been over a year now and the thing is a true champion. The colors are sexy and militant. The bike is out of stock now, but I would highly recommend buying any other model from this company

    It takes a beating!

    I've been on mountain bikes, bmx bikes, tri bikes, and road bikes my whole life, but a while ago I decided I wanted to get a fixed gear to ride around in the city with. I had planned on building a custom bike from an old steel frame, but didn't know much about fixed gear builds. I decided to get a complete bike for my first, and I'm glad I went with State! I deliver subs on this bike, and it takes a beating! I've laid it down several times, been hit by a car, ridden in rain, snow, and mud, and more. It still rides as well as it did the day I got it. Obviously I have maintained it well. It did come with the wheels pretty untrue, but that wasn't a big deal to fix. I had planned on replacing parts with better stuff down the road, but I haven't changed a thing because it still rides well after 7 months of nearly daily riding. Im building my vintage fixed gear now, too, but I'm definitely going to hold on to this State bike!

    Better than watermelon on a hot day

    This is one of the best entry level bikes out there. I bought this over a pure fix because it came with cages and you could chose the handlebars. Out of the box the bike looked beautiful. The green finish with red hubs looks great and accent each other really well.

    The bike is pretty light and has great maneuverability. I plan on spray painting the rear rim gold and getting gold bar tape. I got a ton of complements from people when riding around town. You should use a front break. The rear brakes is nice to have if you want to run single speed but if you ride fixed there's no use for it. If you're thinking about this bike buy it no while it's still in stock.

    The cages that come with the bike are pretty good but will wear out soon. I suggest getting straps because they a lot more secure and better to skid in; but the cages that come with it are pretty good.

    Amazing bike and awesome customer service

    The Brigadier is simply a beast. I can confidently ride through the city streets, smoothly weaving around slow traffic knowing this is what this bike was built for. People always compliment the matte green and the red hub which is what caught my eye with this model. I'm glad I chose State over other fixed gear brands, not only for the quality-build and aesthetically pleasing bikes, but also for State's customer service.

    NYC is no place to leave a bike partly locked and a few weeks ago I found my front wheel was stolen. Not only did I experience the expected frustration of being bike-crimed, but because the Brigadier has the signature red hubs, I was especially upset. Luckily, when I spoke to State about this, they were able to issue me a replacement Brigadier front wheel that are limited stock and not listed on the site! This gesture earned them a loyal customer and I'll encourage my bike buddies to go upgrade to State. Cannot wait to get a Black Label in a couple years. Five stars all around.

    An Excellent Choice

    Referred to State by a friend who swore by them, I took a leap into my first road bike. It's paid off brilliantly. I've been riding 5-10 miles a day for the last 3 weeks. I love the minimalism in the construction of the Brigadier. Weighing just a notch over 20 lbs, I can easily throw it on my shoulder and carry up 3 flights of stairs to my apartment. I'm coming for a city share (Divvy) bike, so you can imagine how smooth and fast the first few rides on this beauty felt to me. It's super responsive, fast and easy to get moving. I really have no complaints, however, I'm pretty certain I'll be upgrading my stock tires to something different before the end of summer. If you considering this bike, go for it. It's a beauty.

    Awesome Sauce

    Love this bike, great looking and has now replaced my old commute bike. Drive 20 miles everyday into work and this is a solid fun ride, went with the 31 spoke Esso wheel upgrade and is was worth it.

    A serious bike

    When I picked up a single speed bike some friends said I had to be joking (or that I was going hipster and urban chicken farming was next). I originally thought it would be an amusement, a winter trainer, or something to kick down to the store for milk. But when the bike arrived it was clear that State bikes are a cut above many (most) other mail order single speed bikes. After thousands of miles in rain, snow, and winter cold I have really come the love this bike. As a daily ride and urban commuter it is utterly reliable. For a roadie the Brigadier is a legitimate steel framed road bike, not just something you take out when you don't want to mess up your "real" bike. After riding some longer training rides (30 and 50 miles) on this bike I was impressed to see that I had even improved my pace in some areas. But more than that, I can really get in a zone with this bike and just ride hard. What started out as a toy has become an equal with my much more expensive road bike from a major manufacturer. This year I'm even thinking of doing a century on the Brigadier. State has really done a very good job, I recommend these bikes to any and all.

    Brigadier w/drop bars&carbon fork

    Got this bike middle of last December with drop bars and I upgraded to a carbon fork. Must say... I am very satisfied, after nearly 1,000 miles since then I have had no issues besides a flat after my 3rd ride with the the very basic Chinese tires it came with (my only complaint) but what can u say to that with such a fair price overall!? So I upgraded so some GatorSkins right then and now we're unstoppable! I love how u can select three different style handle bars at check out when buying a State bike at no extra cost and if u wanna switch em up later its only like $27!, like I just might to some bullhorns soon. I do some serious city commuting to work and the gym through rough high traffic streets and have no time for gearing issues and maintenance, not quite into the fixed gear hype I got this bike and ride the hell out of it single speed and the brakes it came with are highly responsive. Overall I am super satisfied and see myself reaching thousands and thousands of commuter miles before eventually treating myself to an upgrade with one of State Bicycle Company's premium models. Thanx for the great deal guys!

    Thanks for the awesome review Marcos!
    Exceptional bicycle!!!

    I am a Buyer for a large organization, so I did a lot of market research prior to making this purchase. Determined that STATE BICYCLES were the best quality & value for the money...after receiving product (52 Brigadier) I am excited to state that THIS BIKE is EXCEPTIONAL! The packaging was top shelf, much care in the shipping department for sure, bike arrived in wonderful shape! Once unwrapped- discovered that the photographs don't do this bike justice! Welds are beautiful, components appear to be very good (haven't ridden it yet) and rims/hubs are beautiful. I have no doubt that this was the right product and the right company to buy from. You will NOT be disappointed if you go with STATE BICYCLE Co.

    Awesome bike - tires/tubes aren't too great

    This is definitely my favorite bike I've ever had. It's super light and feels very fast, with excellent handling. The only downfall is the stock tubes/tires were pretty bad, but the bike it's self gets 5 stars. I went through 6 tubes in 4 weeks, but I got the continental gatorskins off of amazon and haven't had trouble since. I would recommend this bike to anyone.