Galaxy Edition (Retired)
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Galaxy Edition (Retired)
Space is the Place

Our core-line fixed gear model has been given the cosmic "Galaxy" treatment. Upgrades include: Black Twisted pedals by Odyssey, custom printed "Hold-Fast" straps, milky way crank & hubs.

Advanced geometry, next-level design, and the flexibility to customize your bike from top to bottom have made our core line the most enduring choice for riders of all levels & styles. The quality is in the materials we select and components we trust:

  • Frame:  4130 grade Chromoly steel
  • Wheelset:  43mm deep-v style wheels
  • Flip-Flop Hub:  Easily ride fixed gear or single speed
  • Handlebars:  4 styles: Bullhorn, Drop, Riser, Pursuit
  • Size:  6 frames to fit any height from 4'10 to 6'6 (55cm pictured)
  • Brakes:  Includes front & rear brakes
  • Saddle:  Includes synthetic leather saddle w/ steel rails
  • Pedals:  Odyssey Black Twisted Pedals
  • Straps:  Galaxy-print Hold-Fast ($89.99 value)
  • Crank:  Galaxy Design
  • Hubs:  Galaxy Design

    RETURNS & Exchanges: State Bicycle Co. proudly offers FREE RETURNS for EXCHANGES - please see details of our Return Policy here.

    SHIPPING:  Most in-stock items ship within 1 business day! Tracking information is provided upon shipment. Learn more about our Shipping Policy

    5-year Warranty on all bicycle frames
    1-year Warranty non-consumable parts
    2-year Warranty on Essor USA products

      Warranty activated only after you submit proof of professional assembly.

      We pride ourselves on having a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Contact Us and we'd be happy to help you out in any way we can.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Wonderfull bike

      I got this bike the last year. I can explain how incredible it is. So comfortable, so strong. I´m so happy with my bike, i love it.

      The bike that people show get their first fixie.

      520 bucks, worth it. State bicycle knows how to nail it.

      PROS: Great quaity wheels, frame, fork, crankset, handlebars, bar tap, seatpost and pedals/foot straps.

      CONS: the standard seat and standard tires. Nothing too big, pretty much this is the same problem with all the bike brands. I wish state bicycle gave you the option to upgrade ur tires.

      Don't get me wrong, the bike is awesome. Don't be hesitant to get. If $520 is a little to much. Just get their $450 bikes. State bicycle cares about our safety by giving us great quality bikes.

      Everything I expected plus more

      At 1st I was bummed because this bike wasn't available in the size I needed at the time I wanted to purchase. After inquiring when it'd be back in stock, a few days later someone contacted me saying that they'd build 1 up for me. I was very excited, the customer service was very good. Once I finally got my bike and had it installed at a neighborhood bike shop, I was really eager to get out and ride. Luckily the day I went to pick the bike up the weather was nice enough here in Detroit for me to do so. As I left the bike shop (Metropolis Cycles) I noticed that heads were turning as I left the shop, people letting me know how cool the bike looked. The galaxy looks amazing with the cool crank and hubs. The ride was extremely smooth, the bike is light and quick. I'd recommend this bike to any of my friends. I can't wait to get another model for my wife now. For the price you just can't beat it.

      Fun little quickster

      This bike is great to whip around your city in! I got the bike shipped to my work and it arrived within just a few days. Their tracking system is awesome and let's you know every place the bike has traveled. (If you're one to get paranoid over big packages) I believe it came with all the parts, and nothing damaged..I had some friends at a bike shop put it together. I've rode a couple hundred miles on it so far and I enjoy it. All around good bike.

      just a Great bike

      I've had my galaxy for 3 months now and buying it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everything about this bike is made for speed and fun, I do not have a single complaint it's JUST A GREAT BICYCLE.

      Thank you STATE BICYCLE CO.

      Great fixie

      The bike itself performs well and looks even better. Haven't had any problems with it. Skids like a dream with the more rigid and slightly heavier frame. Get compliments everyday I ride it. If you are on the fence about spending a little bit more for this model, take my word for it: it's worth it. I love State Bicycle Co.

      Great Bike for the price

      Former bike mechanic, experienced road cyclist here. I was looking to replace a custom-built fixed-gear I had put together about 4 years ago that was stolen in the summer. I wanted to go with something a little more affordable, knowing the heartbreak of having a $1600 bike stolen. I use my bike daily, so it had to hold up to some abuse. I found state bike co after doing some research online. All the reviews of their products were very positive considering the price range of the bike (just like anything, you usually get what you pay for and $500 for a bike would be considered on the low end). First let me go on the aesthetics, the Galaxy model is just a slick looking bike, theres no two ways about it. I get compliments every time I take it out. Now on to the actual quality of the bike. Out of the box I put it on my bike stand and within about an hour had it built, tuned up and ready to go. I've put about 200 miles on the bike in the last couple of weeks and its held up nicely. Had to tighten some stuff up after the first couple of rides (as would be expected), but other than that the only maintenance I've done so far is lubing the chain regularly. My only negative comment about the bike is that it is heavy, but honestly that is to be expected for the price. I have no real complaints. Thanks State BIke for a great bike.

      TL;DR A GREAT looking, well built bike for a great price. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fixed-gear or single speed to get them around town.

      Commute with style

      I bought the Galaxy Edition to commute to work on. I love how the components look on the blacked out frame set. I have to lock my bike to a rack outside in the sun, and didn't want to leave one of my expensive carbon bikes outside all day. It didn't take long for this to become my favorite bike to ride. The only noise I hear when pedaling is the wind in my ears, and the tires on the pavement. Super smooth and fun! I couldn't get the hang of using the platform pedals and Hold-Fast toe straps, because I couldnt stop pedalling to flip the pedal over, so I threw on an old pair of Egg Beaters and left the front brake on just for emergencies. I've been riding this bike fixed to work for a year now and love it. The frame came with a dent on the top tube from when it was shipped, but I didn't worry about it. Besides, it adds character. Next on the list are a couple State Bicycle City Bikes for the neighborhood and the camper!

      Thank you for the review, we are extremely sorry to hear your bike arrived in this condition. It sounds like this happened in the shipping process. Please reach out to us directly at
      Out of this World

      The galaxy components really pop on the all black frame. This is my first fixed gear bike and I don't foresee myself riding anything other than fixed gear from now on. When ordering the bike I was in between sizes and the "chat now" feature was helpful in guiding me towards the smaller frame. The bike was delivered about 1-week after I ordered it and wasn't missing any pieces but there was a scratch on the frame. To activate the warranty State requires you to show proof of professional assembly. Local bike stores were going to charge $125. This seemed a bit on the high side considering that there isn't much to assemble. I know my way around tools and have worked on my other bicycles so I researched fixed gear bike assembly. Basically my research led me to the conclusion that I needed a torque wrench, lockring wrench, and a chain whip (I have an alan key set, box wrenches and grease) to do it myself and since I plan on doing future maintenance myself I opted to forego the professional installation and invest in the tools. Overall I'm very happy with the Galaxy and will order more State bicycles in the future.

      Hello, thank you for your review. It sounds like the scratch could have been caused during shipping. Please send us some photos to and our customer service department will take a look at them.
      Best Ride

      I got this bike last summer and it has been my favorite bike by far. I get tons of positive comments and this bike rides so smoothly. I will always be a fan of State Bicycle Co.